Anti-Virus Protection Installation

Safeguard your business without any stress - trust Wemtech to supply, install and configure the very latest anti-virus protection while you work.

Ease the burden on your in-house IT experts with a leading anti-virus software solution which can instantly scan and remove threats.

Our IT experts will ensure the antivirus agents are properly activated so you can enjoy comprehensive and stress-free protection.

Do you need IT support or solutions you can rely on?

Wemtech is the trusted choice for IT support and equipment in the West Midlands and UK wide.

From our head office in Dudley, we work in partnership with a wide range of businesses across a diverse range of sectors.

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Why Anti-Virus Protection?

Complete protection

Minimise threats to any devices, networks, servers, cloud or software.

Maximise uptime

Real-time scanning to mitigate threats and malware to increase productivity.


Ideal for sectors where data-protection is mandatory.

Daily monitoring

Proactively detect and neutralise threats to IT infrastructure.

Safe & reliable

Robust anti-virus protection tailored to your business’ needs.

Stay up to date

Remain protected against the very latest emerging threats.

Frequently asked questions

What anti-virus protection is available?

Wemtech can install, configure and support anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-malware to protect desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, Mac's, Windows machines and linux operating systems. Devices are protected whilst connected to your network and outside the office.

Why would I need it?

Sophisticated cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly common, against organisations of every size. To prevent an emergency, we can correctly install and configure the latest anti-virus protection to safeguard sensitive business and client data from breaches or threats - providing complete peace of mind.

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