Cyber Essentials

If your business competes for high-value tenders we can help you achieve the mandatory Cyber Essentials certification - a Government-backed scheme recognising cyber security excellence.

Our experienced Cyber Essentials consultants will audit your current practices to identify the risks and weaknesses in your organisation – including all servers and devices.

To prevent malicious attacks or hacking opportunities, we’ll provide a roadmap of recommendations which MUST be implemented to achieve the strict Cyber Essential Certification criteria.

Safeguard the data of your business and clients – without allowing the process to swallow up significant time, money and resource.

Why Cyber Essentials?

A must-have for tenders

Allow your organisation to tender for large-scale projects – a must-have essential in highly-regulated industries.

Optimum online security

This highly-secure framework is GDPR compliant and recognised by the Government as the best level of online security.

Minimise risk of attack

Identify weaknesses in cyber security to save time and money recovering from a damaging hack.

Reassure customers

Demonstrate the strongest level of compliance - giving you and your customers complete peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Cyber Essentials certificate?

Gaining the Cyber Essentials certification means an organisation complies with the highest level of cyber security principles in the UK. Having identified potential attack risks via an audit, steps have been put in place to safeguard their business and clients’ data.

Why would I need Cyber Essentials?

Some highly-regulated UK industries will not allow a company to tender for large-scale projects unless this certificate is in place and updated every year. When properly implemented, Cyber Essentials can help to prevent or identify malicious email attacks and online hacking opportunities.

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