Azure Consultancy

Experience a painless switch to the cloud with a stress-free transition plan from our experienced Azure consultants.

Ideal for SMEs and businesses with a mobile workforce, Microsoft Azure is the perfect solution for many different capabilities – including basic networking, storage, mobile or web app services and disaster recovery.

As official Microsoft partners, our Azure consultancy team will work in partnership with your IT experts to build, deploy and manage the infrastructure you require.

Trust us to deliver your cloud switch smoothly and eliminate the nervousness often associated with moving to a new IT system.

Why Azure Consultancy?

Easy to deploy and migrate

Azure’s automatic software updates allow real-time deployment – saving your business time and money.

Maximum agility

Gain a competitive advantage by using the most up-to-date cloud technology, infrastructure and applications.

GDPR compliant

Comply with the latest General Data Protection Regulations – eliminating worry and stress.

Flexible infrastructure

100% scalable in line with your business – grow easily and only pay for the services you actually use.

No large capital outlay

Renting a server for an affordable monthly cost, rather than replace a server every 5 or 10 years.

100% backup & disaster recovery

Never worry about losing data or documents and benefit from a 99.9% availability guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based technology which can help businesses save money by integrating their data services, analytics, developer tools and services into a public data centre hosted by Microsoft.

Located in the UK and throughout the world, this powerful IT infrastructure and application services provide insights which can make business decision-making easier.

Why would I need an Azure consultant?

Planning and moving your business into the Cloud can be difficult. As an official Microsoft Azure partner, Wemtech can support your business as it migrates onto the Azure platform by providing advice, technical assistance or building cloud IT infrastructure.

Find the solution to your IT problems – call 0330 120 0606 for friendly & helpful advice!

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