Cloud Back-Up

Put your data in the safest hands with a managed cloud back-up solution - providing automatic protection in the event of an emergency.

Should the worst happen, Wemtech’s daily back-ups will ensure you can continue to run your business without fear – or the risk of lost revenue.

Put a GDPR-compliant cloud back-up plan in place and be 100% prepared for any eventuality – including power failure, fire, flood, theft or a cyberattack.

Why Cloud Back-up?

Offsite Storage & Back-Ups

Protect all business-critical data stored on premise or in the cloud for a multi-layered approach to security.

Automatic updates

Automate managed back-ups so they are performed every day at a time to suit your organisation.

Never worry about human error

Reduce the risk of unexpected accidents or someone unwittingly deleting vital data.

Eliminate stress

Don’t worry about on-site disasters – including flooding, lightning, fire, theft, hardware or cooling failure.

Optimise bandwidth

Minimise demand on bandwidth with Wemtech's online back-up optimisation technology.

Suitable for all systems

Back-up any device or service in any location - Office 365, G Suite, Windows, Linux, Mac, laptops and desktops.

Frequently asked questions

What is cloud back-up?

Proper data protection is critical and the importance of regular and automated cloud back-up support should not be underestimated – whether you operate in a public or private cloud environment.

Cloud back-up is designed to ensure all aspects of your organisation’s data and documents are safeguarded regularly. At Wemtech, we use safe and reliable off-site servers to backup, share and store documents via an encrypted online system.

Why do I need cloud back-up?

Every business is vulnerable to data loss – no matter how or where they store their data. Should the worst happen and your cloud system fail, Wemtech’s back-up platform will automatically protect all business-critical data stored in the cloud.

Knowing your systems and infrastructure can be quickly restored if disaster strikes can provide you and your customers with complete peace of mind.

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