Compliance as a Service

Operating in a heavily-regulated industry often requires 100% compliance or you may face the threat of legal action and heavy fines.

Work in partnership with Wemtech and we’ll remove the worries hanging over your head by ensuring your organisation is completely compliant with all relevant data and IT regulations.

Our experienced experts can provide a wide range of compliance services – including system integrity, data encryption, protected workflow boundaries, server security and more.

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Wemtech is the trusted choice for IT support and equipment in the West Midlands and UK wide.

From our head office in Dudley, we work in partnership with a wide range of businesses across a diverse range of sectors.

  • We’re fully committed to handling personal information you’ve supplied to us in compliance with the latest GDPR laws, and we’ll never share your details.
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Why Compliance as a Service?

100% assurance

Minimise the risk of legal action or damages being incurred due to nonconformity.

Data integrity

Continuously monitor, assess and defend data against potential threats.

Stay up to date

Get the latest CaaS advice and draw on proven solutions from other sectors.

Specialist help

Complete support, back-up and advice from compliance experts who are based in the UK.

Eliminate stress

Empower your team to consistently deliver projects without fear or worry.

Independent expertise

Explore solutions you can trust and rely on experts to take pressure off.

Frequently asked questions

What is compliance as a service?

CaaS is an agreement which details how your organisation will meet its compulsory compliance requirements with the ongoing help of a managed service provider.

Highly-regulated industries – like finance, banking and healthcare – often use third parties to provide compliance as a service because it is a cost-effective way to meet regulatory standards.

What does a CaaS provider actually do?

A successful compliance provider works in partnership with an organisation to reduce their administrative burden. If changes occur to specific data storage or financial regulations, it is the provider’s responsibility to adjust their client’s services accordingly. In most cases, this is carried out within pre-agreed timescales laid out in a service level agreement.

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