Managed Firewalls & UTM

Employing a managed Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall solution defends your network from potential threats and prioritises legitimate data traffic to let it safely enter and exit your business.

All our UTM firewalls use real-time monitoring and management to constantly detect anomalies and allow us to implement the most up-to-date security revisions.

A multi-layered approach can be provided at your site and through a public or private cloud – ensuring your network and infrastructure is safe.

Why Unified Threat Management & Firewalls?

Seamless integration

Support an existing firewall or migrate to a bespoke Unified Threat Management solution.

100% flexible

Increase and improve security as your business and staff levels grow.

Regular monitoring

Pro-actively monitor all cyber threats or suspicious activity across your networks.

Unrivalled insight & expertise

Draw on years of proven experience when implementing and managing UTM firewalls.

Specialist support

Access our in-house vendor certified engineers with agreed SLA response times.

Frequently asked questions

What is Unified Threat Management?

Businesses and organisations which adopt a multi-layered approach to cyber security often refer to this as a Unified Threat Management (UTM). Controlled through a single management console, this modern method offers a wide range of protection – including anti-spam, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, web filtering and more.

Why do you need it?

Unified threat management is one of the most cost-effective and all-in-one security solutions for networks, especially when monitored and managed regularly.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes, a UTM firewall eliminates the risk of downtime, whilst securing sensitive or business-critical data. Wemtech offers this service because it’s proven to reduce the risk of attacks – allowing you to remain operational and compliant.

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