Vulnerability Assessment

Most businesses and organisations know the importance of carrying out vulnerability assessments on IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, they often lack the resources to do it regularly or thoroughly.

A one-off vulnerability assessment or ongoing business IT support is proven to prevent severe cyberattacks – so you won’t have to worry about the impact on your productivity, reputation and profits.

Minimise the flaws or security risks in your IT infrastructure – trust Wemtech’s in-house experts identify the threats and resolve them fast.

Why Vulnerability Assessment?

Fast and reliable

Quickly scan your system for major flaws and cyber security weaknesses.

Actionable advice

Allows you to put proven and cost-effective solutions in place.

Provide reassurance

Protect your reputation and improve all aspects of cyber security.

Optimise resources

Focus on the biggest weaknesses which could cause the most damage.

Frequently asked questions

What is a vulnerability assessment?

To identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure it’s essential to conduct a vulnerability assessment. The same vulnerability analysis should be applied whether you operate your own system or use cloud-based services – and no matter what size business you are.

How should it be used?

Once the weaknesses which are most likely to cause a negative impact have been identified, it’s important to understand why and how to prevent them from being exploited. A comprehensive vulnerability assessment should help you to minimise the security risks you face to enhance overall business security. Our skilled security consultants are able to address vulnerabilities identified in the assesment to harden and protect your infrastrucrure.

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