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5 Ways the Cloud Will Increase Productivity

With ever-shifting markets, changing buyer behaviours, and the “new normal” created by the coronavirus pandemic, modern businesses have more to think about than ever before. If you’re finding that day-to-day operations are proving difficult or clunky, you need a sustainable solution rather than a quick fix. That’s where the cloud comes in, as it’s helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to substantially increase their levels of productivity.

Facilitate Remote Working and BYOD

It wasn’t long ago that remote working was only offered by a small segment of companies, with many management teams being wary of its applications. Fast forward to today and the vast majority of organisations large and small have adopted remote working in some way, enabling them to achieve business continuity. In the process, remote working has resulted in business owners understanding that it can be an effective format even when normal operations have resumed, giving rise to the opportunity for part-time home working being written into employee contracts.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is at the opposite end of the scale, as it involves staff using personal devices whilst in the workplace. Giving your employees the option to use their smartphones and laptops for work purposes often leads to them being more responsive, which greatly benefits productivity levels.

Whether your business offers the flexibility to work remotely, the option of BYOD, or a combination of the two, the cloud is what ties them together. Thanks to cloud-based apps, websites, and software, your staff can be productive at work, at home, when visiting clients, and even when they fancy catching up with emails whilst on the train.

Connect The Cloud to Your Current Systems

The cloud is a clever place, as the developers of useful apps understand that integration is key to a smooth workflow. Most cloud platforms offer the ability to link to other software depending on the nature of the work being carried out. This means seamless switching between tools without the hassle of multiple windows and having to repeatedly log into accounts.

Being able to migrate data between a cloud app and other software saves so much time and stress. A great example is the partnership between Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox, which enables your employees to access, edit, share, and co-author files with ease. Other instances are uploading Excel databases to Mailchimp, connecting Slack to Salesforce, and adding Zoom meetings and their corresponding links directly into time management apps such as Google Calendar.

Fuel Employee Collaboration

All cloud platforms are designed around employee collaboration in one way or another. From communication apps such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, to project management platforms and the likes of, Asana, Basecamp, and Trello, it’s never been easier for co-workers to collaborate no matter where they’re located.

All of these cloud apps offer a range of other features too. We’re talking screen sharing, document storage, task setting, link sharing, and many other clever examples of added functionality that massively benefit collaborative projects.

Optimised Access, Speed, and Security

Both private and public clouds remove many of the obstacles and bottlenecks associated with traditional forms of working and file sharing. One of the most common problems they overcome is slow and unresponsive operating systems, which run much more smoothly when all they have to do is access the cloud via an internet connection. Due to devices not needing to process anywhere near as much as when files and software are stored solely on the hard drive, your staff will find that working in the cloud is a much faster experience.

This is combined with minimal downtime, as leading public cloud platforms invest in powerful infrastructures and dedicated teams to keep their systems running at peak performance around the clock. They also prevent data loss and cyber-attacks through advanced security, which keeps out malware and hackers without any cost to your business. As for private clouds built by Wemtech, they truly are a thing of beauty and guarantee that your data is accessible to you whilst off-limits to unauthorised users.

Strengthen Your Brand Reputation

The use of robust, reliable, secure, and versatile systems is the mark of a forward-thinking business that knows how to get the most out of technology. This is great for the reputation of your brand, giving customers the peace of mind that you’re a proactive and agile company. Simultaneously, any graduates and professionals searching for career opportunities will be drawn to your business, helping you to attract, acquire and retain top talent.

Join The Cloud with Wemtech

We can help your business to roll out digital transformation seamlessly through public cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Google Apps. We can also build a private cloud specifically for your business, allowing you to work faster and more securely for a very affordable price. To find out more, get in touch on 0330 120 0606 or use our contact form.

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