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How to improve (and organise) your cloud in 5 simple steps

No one wants to work with someone who’s disorganised or loses valuable data.

Unfortunately, some people do behave like this after switching to the cloud!

If your public or private cloud has become a frustrating place to work, these simple tips could help to get it back on track.

1. Use clear and concise names

Creating a clear file-naming convention – that every employee understands – will help to avoid confusion.

When naming a sharable file or a folder, it should always be named after the project – NOT the people involved.

Be specific about its contents so everyone knows what’s in it without having to trawl through it.

2. Don’t delete without asking

When working in the cloud, you should NEVER delete files or folders without permission.

In our experience, it’s also a good idea not to delete anything you didn’t create yourself.

If you do get rid of something you shouldn’t have, the files can usually be recovered but only for a limited number of days (usually 30).

If you’re careful and considerate, you shouldn’t need to do this – and will probably avoid angering your colleagues!

3. File size matters

Just because you’ve got unlimited storage, it doesn’t mean everyone you work with does too.

Avoid annoying others by limiting file and image sizes so that a massive 5GB file doesn’t take up all their storage space.

4. Create clear permission protocols

Not everyone needs access to every file.

Establish clear rules about when and why files should be shared.

If in doubt, don’t share it!

5. Always maintain accountability

Cloud computing works best when everyone is accountable for their actions.

If lots of people are working on the same project, it’s important to keep track of who’s working on what file and when – so you don’t end up with overlapping edits or changes.

By establishing who is responsible for the file and its final updates, you’ll quickly make the cloud a better place.

Optimise your cloud with help from Wemtech

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