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Managed IT for the Healthcare Sector

Managed IT is Perfectly Suited to the Healthcare Sector

If you work in the medical or healthcare sector, you’ll know just how much data is required for patient management, health records, discharge summaries, and a wide range of other documentation. Then there are all of the files associated with financial management, staff rotas, ordering systems, legal documents, health, and safety policies, and day-to-day admin. When all of this is put together, we’re talking a gargantuan amount of data.

Many types of organisations rely on instant, secure and reliable access to substantial data storage. Medical and healthcare organisations have to deal with particularly serious consequences if their IT infrastructures were to fail them, which is why a dependable system is paramount. Here at Wemtech, we can design an IT solution that perfectly suits your requirements and adapt as needed, all for a highly competitive cost.

Your own server vs a hosted one

Whether you want an on-site server and customised storage that can handle anything or a private cloud that’s as scalable as it is secure, we can design, build and install it to the highest standard. If you’re not sure which approach is best, our engineers will assess your needs and provide an expert recommendation tailored to your organisation. Whichever form the system takes, it’s guaranteed to be capable of processing, storing, and protecting as much data as you throw at it.

Advanced online security

We don’t need to tell you how imperative digital security is to medical and healthcare organisations. Whether it’s an accidental leak, a piece of malware, or a cyber-attack, even a single data breach can have truly devastating results.

Our engineers will ensure that your data is kept safe around the clock through a range of digital security measures suited to your needs, such as a managed Unified Threat Management firewall and comprehensive antivirus protection. We also provide instant user management, enabling you to amend or remove an individual’s access rights the moment they switch roles or leave the organisation.

Dependable disaster recovery

In the same way that commercial insurance is something you hope you’ll never have to use, our managed disaster recovery plan offers complete peace of mind. In the event of a disaster such as fire, flood, power failure, accidental damage, or criminal activity, you can quickly restore your IT infrastructure and business-critical systems.

This can be delivered through either on-site backup or a private cloud. Whatever the case, it means that your downtime is completely minimised and your data is easily recoverable.

Powerful email security

When you send emails, you need to know that only the intended recipients will be able to access them. However, so many organisations fall victim to email hackers and malware, causing the leaking of confidential information and crucial correspondence to be lost forever.

Our cloud-based filtering and messaging solution is the answer, as it eliminates the risk of known and emerging email threats from infiltrating your network. In the process, the online personal dashboard helps your staff to reduce admin hours, with a daily spam digest that makes it even easier to divert unsolicited emails away from primary inboxes.

Work from anywhere

If you have staff who are temporarily or regularly working from home, we can help them to stay connected and improve productivity through cloud solutions such as hosted desktops. By giving your employees access to their usual applications, files, and desktop experience via the cloud, they can stay on top of their workload as efficiently as if they were in the workplace.

Remote working isn’t limited to just home use, as it upgrades your connectivity in a variety of ways. From holding virtual meetings and giving online updates with ease, to seamlessly collaborating between departments, sites, and institutions, everyone can get so much more done with a managed IT infrastructure.

Cut your costs whilst saving the environment

People who work within the medical and healthcare sectors are caring by nature. This extends beyond their patients and includes environmental responsibility, yet many existing IT systems come with astonishingly high energy usage. By outsourcing your IT to Wemtech, we’ll help you to make your digital infrastructure more eco-friendly through enhanced performance.

Using a private cloud is the greenest option, as it takes the enormous strain off your hardware and significantly reduces energy consumption, which in turn has a positive impact on your utility bills – a win-win situation! Still, many healthcare organisations prefer to have their servers located on the premises, in which case we can upgrade and fine-tune your hardware so that it’s running at optimum efficiency. Either way, you’ll benefit from an IT infrastructure that’s powerful enough to accommodate your growing needs whilst minimising your carbon footprint.

Find out more about managed IT

We’re ready to create a bespoke IT strategy that will enable your medical or healthcare organisation to maximise efficiency and maintain total compliance. To find out more, get in touch on 0330 120 0606 or use our contact form.

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