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IT Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Outsourced IT for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing environments are extremely busy places that require a lot of data to remain productive and compliant. Staying on top of this information can be a gargantuan task and requires a digital infrastructure that’s robust, secure, and adaptable to changing needs.

Here at Wemtech, we can ensure that your manufacturing business remains efficient and protected through managed IT services. We provide a comprehensive package that’s tailored to your specific requirements, simultaneously safeguarding you against a wide variety of threats to business continuity. Below are a few benefits that come with outsourcing your IT function to our specialists.

Adaptability and integration

Rarely, a manufacturing company will only use data in its offices. Chances are that yours requires digital information in a variety of workspaces, from production lines to distribution hubs and even whilst out on the road. Our managed IT systems can adapt to any kind of technology you use on-site, allowing everyone to complete their tasks quickly, efficiently, and without any obstacles.

From stocktaking, output reporting, and risk assessments, to your finance and HR teams being able to access key data whilst moving around the premises, so much more can be achieved with managed IT.

Facilitate remote working

If you have staff that are working from home either temporarily or on a long-term basis, fully outsourced IT opens up a whole host of new opportunities. Through cloud solutions and hosted desktops, your employees will have access to everything they need to carry out their roles from anywhere.

Remote working doesn’t just apply to people’s homes, as it also enables your staff to work seamlessly across different sites when visiting clients, during their commute, and even abroad. All of their usual software, files, shortcuts, and settings can be accessed from any device without compromising on security. It is a fantastic system that’s helping manufacturing businesses of all sizes to stay on top of workflow.

Stay up to date at all times

A common problem with manufacturing businesses, especially those with large numbers of employees, is inconsistencies in the software being used. Due to all kinds of updates being required, there will often be some team members who are working from an older version of an application than their co-workers. Aside from causing compatibility issues, this can also pose a hazard to digital security.

When you choose managed IT services from Wemtech, you gain the peace of mind that everyone in your company is using the most up to date version of every application. In the process, this saves your business the hassle of having to manually update every device – we make sure it happens automatically outside of office hours, further improving your daily productivity.

Make significant savings

Hosting your own servers, data storage, digital security, and backup systems can be expensive. The more your manufacturing company grows, the more the infrastructure needs to expand to keep up with day-to-day requirements. All of this hardware is managed by in-house staff, plus powerful air conditioning is required to maintain the performance of the machinery. The cost of all of this can seriously affect cash flow, plus if you don’t extend your IT budget in response to growing needs, you’ll soon find that the system can’t handle the demand.

By outsourcing your IT infrastructure, you remove large costs associated with running, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading your technology. The savings can be substantial even for a small manufacturing business, with the return on investment increasing in line with your company’s growth.

Free up physical space

When your company’s information and systems are safely hosted in our secure data centre, you no longer need all of that bulky hardware. Removing old servers and repurposing the space they occupied can result in the creation of a new room, which can then be used for anything from storing stock to holding meetings.

With commercial rent at an all-time high and space being a valuable commodity, we help you to make the most of every square foot.

GDPR and data protection

It can be very difficult to keep on top of data legislation, with a single breach having the potential of causing serious and long-lasting reputational damage to your business. GDPR is another key concern, as failure to comply comes with a seven-figure fee and can bring a company to its knees.

By outsourcing to Wemtech, you can rest assured that your IT remains entirely compliant with all UK and international regulations around the clock. This eliminates the risk of your data ever being compromised, which is a heavyweight lifted off your shoulders.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Outsourced IT means lower electricity consumption due to streamlined hardware and a reduced strain on your devices. This can play a leading role in minimising your company’s environmental impact, which in turn can help you to successfully gain new investors and qualify for grants that focus on sustainable practices.

Find out more about managed IT

We’re ready to create a bespoke IT strategy that will enable your manufacturing business to achieve new goals and maximise efficiency. To find out more, get in touch on 0330 120 0606 or use our contact form.

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