Managed Disaster Recovery

Until a malware attack happens or disaster strikes, you may not fully appreciate how important it is to quickly restore IT infrastructure and your business-critical systems.

With a managed disaster recovery plan in place, you’ll be 100% prepared for every eventuality – including power failure, fire, theft or a cyberattack.

Using the cloud or an onsite backup solution can reduce unexpected risks, minimise downtime and prevent crucial data loss – protecting your business from a productivity or revenue drop.

Why Managed Disaster Recovery?

Fast & effective

Restore your IT infrastructure and business operations within minutes

Minimise financial risk

High availability and back-up guarantees to reduce the risk of lost revenue

Peace of mind

An ongoing managed disaster recovery plan reduces worry about cyber attacks

Dedicated support

Disaster recovery experts available whenever you need them

Frequently asked questions

What is a disaster recovery plan?

A documented disaster recovery plan is an agreed strategy which outlines the processes and procedures which must be followed in the event of an IT infrastructure emergency or attack. It is designed to ensure every aspect of your organisation is regularly backed-up and allows you to quickly resume or maintain business-critical functions after a disaster.

Ensure your data is safe and maintain access to everything - even if your main environment is unavailable - with a restoration plan tailored to your business.

Why do you need one?

Safely protecting all data and IT infrastructure will allows your business to remain 100% compliant and operational - at a minimum level – should a cyberattack strike.

Knowing your systems and critical information can be restored immediately after a disaster gives complete peace of mind to both you and your customers.

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