Software & Security Patching

Automatically protect IT infrastructure with the latest patches – so you can focus on making your business a success.

Even the best IT department can struggle to implement the enormous number of patches needed for maximum security.

With Wemtech’s intuitive patch management service you can rest assured that every software vulnerability will be taken care of quickly.

Remove the compliance and security burden – and trust us to install the latest critical updates from Microsoft and other third-party providers.

Why Patch Management?

Fast acting

Quickly and easily install the most-important system updates.

Automatic updates

Save time by automating patching and reporting on servers and workstations.

Complete risk management

Keep all servers and devices secure by installing the latest patches for third-party applications.

Improve cyber security

Prioritise the patches which matter most to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack.

Decrease risk

Minimise security risks and potential interruptions to your business.

Stress free

Receive updates about successful patches – and never worry about another ever again.

Frequently asked questions

What is patch management?

Software manufacturers are constantly identifying bugs and weaknesses which hackers could exploit in their products, before sending out ‘patches’ to resolve the issues. A patch management provider will ensure these patches are automatically installed at the first opportunity, minimising the risk of your company’s IT infrastructure being compromised.

Why is patch management important?

Implementing every single patch can be time consuming and difficult to organise - even for a company with an in-house IT team. Implementing an automated approach saves time, prioritises the patches which are most important – and reduces the risk of your systems being exploited.

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