Managed VPS

Using a managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) that’s 100% dedicated to your hosting needs will help you benefit from improved speed, power and performance.

At Wemtech, we own our dedicated servers and network – ensuring we can tailor a solution exactly to your needs remaining up to date and highly secure.

Trust us to supply your managed VPS and never worry about server issues ever again.

Managed VPS Server Hosting

Why Managed VPS?

Hassle free

Get on with day-to-day business and never worry about technical sever tasks.

Fast support

Unrivalled expert support and advice from IT experts based in the UK.

Superb speed & performance

Guarantee flawless and high-speed operation – even at peak times.

No downtime

Ensure your website is always available with optimum performance.

100% flexible

Suitable for small or large business structures – in any sector or industry.

Eliminate stress

Empower your team to consistently deliver projects without worry.

Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual private server?

VPS hosting provides access to guaranteed resources and full control of a reliable, business-scale hosted server. It’s ideal for eCommerce websites, resource-heavy websites or those with medium to high traffic. If you expect to achieve rapid growth, you will benefit from the stability and scaleability of this service.

Why do you need a managed VPS?

A virtual private server is a low-cost way to provide increased performance as you are completly independent of other users. This gives you greater control to freely implement software changes within the server.

Not only is it easy to scale up operations without interfering with the sever's functioning, you can also benefit from the advice and expertise of a dedicated Wemtech IT specialist to help you overcome and resolve any issues.

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