Leased Lines

Resilient, robust and affordable business connectivity

Providing connectivity to keep your business better connected. Wemtech provide connectivity from a number of tier 1 carriers such as BT, Virgin, SSE and TalkTalk Business.

Reliable connectivity is crucial for every business so choosing the right solution and connectivity partner is extremely important.

There are many factors to consider. The size of your business, location, growth plans. The applications you run and the bandwidth you require. Your SLA expectations and failover needs. Wemtech can help provide the most appropriate  solution in the first instance, and can provide ongoing support following a successful implementation. 

Generally smaller businesses and those who don’t consider an internet connection to be business critical, or vital for operation should initially consider a business broadband service.

While bigger businesses and those who rely on connectivity for telephony, CRM and ERP access and those who have greater needs for bandwidth should consider an ethernet leased line service.

Benefits of a Leased Line


Grow with your business, services of up to 10Gb available.


One of the key benefits of using a leased line is the fact that it is dedicated rather than shared. This results in reliable and secure connectivity which does not fluctuate or lull in busy usage periods.

Hosted Services

Ideal for applications that demand low latency, such as hosted cloud services, Voice over IP and connecting to virtual private networks.

Quick access to support

Lease Lines come with Service Level Guarantees ensuring that not only is your line up and running, but performing well, both speed and packet loss is monitored to ensure your service runs smoothly.

Unlimited Upload & Download

No limits, no additional charges, no restrictions, with Wemtech’s Leased Lines you are able to upload and download as required without additional fees.

Massively competitive pricing

As we partner with the some of the UK’s leading connectivity providers, we’re able to guarantee the best possible pricing to our customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Leased Line?

Leased Lines are a 100% dedicated connection which connects your business premises to the ISP’s network. No other organisation, third party or individual shares your connection. It’s highly secure and resilient, making it a great option for your business

What happens if the Managed Cisco Router (CPE) fails?

If the Cisco router that Wemtech provided is deemed to be faulty, a like-for-like replacement will be delivered the next business day (via Signed for Next Day Delivery).

What is the average Leased Line lead time?

Average lead time from order to activation is 60 business working days. If unforeseen problems are found during the delivery such as; blocked duct work, the requirement for traffic management thus engagement with Traffic Management Authorities. This unfortunately will sometimes almost certainly incur delays to the delivery of your service.

If the delivery of your service is to incur significant delays we advise you in the first instance, providing (where available) an itemised list of all remedial actions and estimated completion dates of the associated remedial actions. We keep you fully informed throughout the whole process.

Can I use my existing Firewall?

The simple answer is yes! If your firewall supports a standard Copper RJ45 Ethernet or Single Mode Fibre WAN connection, it can be installed behind our Managed CPE. Please keep in mind Wemtech will only support our Managed CPE by default, management of other devices can be agreed at the sales/contractual negotiation stage.

What does a Leased Line cost?

The cost of a leased line depends on a number of things - including access speed, the bearer speed and the term of the contract.

How many Public IP Addresses do I get?

Wemtech provide a /30 IPv4 Subnet (1 IPv4 Address). We can provide more IPv4 addressing subject to a valid RIPE justification form being completed.

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