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IP Telephony solutions suited for business, education and hospitality

Every business communication requirement is different but many businesses are turning to the benefits of VoIP solutions

Whether you need a simple system with traditional desk-based handsets or an advanced VoIP based network communications platform, Wemtech has a telephone system to fit your business requirements.

The right unified communications service helps to improve your collaboration solutions, boosts your productivity, increases your mobility and enhances your customer experience as well.

At Wemtech, our business phone systems offer the flexibility required by any business today. Capable of being configured to meet the needs of any organisation from a one-site organisation expecting to grow and needing a system with the flexibility to handle increasing demand, to a multi-site company needing efficient communication options across locations.

With intuitive softphone IOS and Android apps, users have instant access to communication tools such as presence, instant messaging, web conferencing, hot-desking and reporting.

Designed and managed in on-premise and multi-cloud, local cloud or hybrid.

Whether you are looking for one-off telephony support or are looking for communication support as part of a wider IT support solution, we are happy to help.

VoIP Telephony

Key Features

Auto Attendant

Enables you to route callers to different parts of your business based on their needs, services them quickly without the need to go via an operator.

Call Pickup

Allows a user to pick up other users calls if they are part of the same pickup group which could be established across offices where skill groups maybe located e.g. Sales

Call Routing

Allows for multiple inbound numbers to be delivered to your business and directed as you chose including multiple offices or automatically re-routed to an alternative office should all users be busy at the first location.

Desktop App

Enables a number of critical call centre features such as wallboard facilities, call monitoring, CTI Integration and Screen Pop.


Allow permitted users to analyse the call information based on month, day and even hour. This feature is available via a web client and wallboard.

Full Integration

Integrate your CRM, ERP and Accounting System with your phone system and be able to launch calls with a single click. Inbound calls are automatically linked to the customer record which pops-up on the screen and all calls are logged in the CRM package.

Take your extension anywhere

Clients for iOS and Android smartphones as well as Mac and Windows allowing users to use their office extension from anywhere, seamlessly integrated as if they were in the office.

Powerful switchboard functionality

Fully customisable switchboard allows users to view and manage calls. With multiple views to choose from, cater it to any job role. Drag and drop calls for transfer, wallboard and Q-Manager view – ideal for call centres & receptionist view for easy call management.

Frequently asked questions

Can I Keep My Existing Telephone Numbers?

Yes! When moving telephony, it is possible to keep your numbers and you can add new ones.

Set up phone numbers with different geographic area codes to help expand your presence in a specific area. For example, you could be based in Shropshire, with a Birmingham and/or London number set up for your regional customers.

How Long Does it Take To Get Installed?

Not long at all. Following on from a scoping exercise we will create the schedule of works including number porting and system deployment. We fully manage installations and can provide training to ensure a smooth transition.

What Handsets Can We Use?

You can choose from a range of IP phone handsets from entry level to executive and professional. All IP handsets include easy access to many features on the VoIP platform including do not disturb, speed dials, phonebook directory.

We can also provide wireless ruggedized IP phones suited to workshops, warehouses, factories, construction/building sites, outside areas, or in hospitality. These IP phones still have access to the same features but are more suited to different environments where a regular IP phone is not suitable.

What’s Happening with ISDN?

BT announced that by 2020, customers will no longer be able to purchase ISDN and PSTN circuits. By 2025, the aim is to switch off these circuits. This means that customers will either need to upgrade their ystem or upgrade their existing system so that it is SIP compatible.

What Features Can I Expect with a Hosted Phone System?

Our features include: Hold, call transfer, call park, online click-to-call, send/receive SMS, voicemail, fax to email, fax to mailbox, alerts, automatic page announce by time & date, call recording, class of service, conference calling, hunt groups, IVR menus, call screening, whisper announcement, comfort message, force call name, temporary routing, DND (do not disturb), call waiting, call diversion, time & date routes, caller ID routes, fax spam blocker, pattern menu, page group, feature codes, music on hold, queues, pick up group, call announcement, and wallboards.

Can I Keep My Current Phone Handsets?

Possibly. Our solutions support a range of handset vendors however you may not benefit from the full feature set should your devices not be fully supported. Our pre-sales team can help confirm compatibility.

Can I Integrate VoIP into the Business CRM?

A fully-featured UC client can be added to each user to deliver presence. We can provide chat and integration to many CRM solutions with screen popping and click to dial.

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