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What Does an IT Service Manager Do?

What Does an IT Service Manager Do?

Every business has some form of IT, ranging from relatively tiny systems for start-ups to enormous networks that keep bustling premises running smoothly. Over recent years we’ve found that the types of customers who choose our B2B IT support are not only getting larger but also smaller, as the service brings a wide range of benefits no matter how limited your workforce.

The question is, what does an IT Service Manager do and what will they bring to your business?

Device Management

A busy company requires a lot of hardware. This can include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices that all need to be overseen by the IT department. The role of the IT Service Manager entails keeping a detailed inventory of any hardware being used on the premises and taking responsibility for its maintenance, repair, and upgrades.

When a piece of hardware can no longer keep up with the pace of your business, this professional will also ensure that it’s disposed of in a compliant and environmentally friendly way. This could even involve having the hard drive wiped and officially donating the device to a charity.

Business Analysis

From sales figures and marketing reports to customer information and financial documentation, data is at the heart of every business. Having a digitised operational infrastructure is one thing, and maintaining one that’s capable and trustworthy is another thing entirely. Your IT Service Manager will analyse how your business creates, stores, and accesses data, as chances are there will be room for improvement.

Your IT policy and strategic plan should also align with your company’s vision, mission, objectives, ethos, and brand. By putting in place an IT Service Manager, you gain the peace of mind that your technology and data are evolving in tandem with the rest of the business.

Cost Optimisation

An IT Service Manager knows how to get the most out of every piece of machinery. This takes many forms, such as ensuring that each device is respected by employees, safely placed or stored, protected against damage, and allocated to a suitable employee. For instance, a powerful iMac will be better matched with a designer, whereas teams that access minimal data can easily get by with older and simpler models.

Applying Automation

When certain processes are automated, productivity increases. A prime example is new updates and security patches for software such as Office 365, which ideally will be installed when staff have clocked off for the day.

The IT Service Manager will also be able to suggest software, apps, and cloud platforms that can automate repetitive and mundane tasks, helping to save employees time for investing in more important matters.

Cyber Security

With malware, ransomware, hackers, and phishing scams constantly on the rise and becoming increasingly convincing, your IT Service Manager is also an educator. As well as installing the very best antivirus software and regularly monitoring the system’s performance, they’ll also help staff to understand how they can each play a role in preventing data loss, file corruption, and cyber-attacks.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

In the event of a disaster such as fire, flood, criminal damage, an extensive power cut, or an online security breach, your IT Service Manager will make sure that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. This will usually be in the form of a reliable disaster recovery system, which uses the cloud, an onsite backup system, or both to prevent crucial data loss and get systems up and running again quickly.

Without an IT Service Manager, you could very well find yourself facing a sudden technological barrier that poses a significant risk to business continuity.

Expert Advice Whenever You Need

Combining all of the above skills, your IT Service Manager will offer valuable advice both proactively and when you need it. This will be designed around the requirements of your staff and customers, which includes methods of achieving greater energy efficiency, keeping security tight as a drum, using the cloud to improve productivity, facilitating remote working and a Bring Your Device policy, and anything else that will benefit your business.

It’s all about continuous improvement, cost efficiency, environmental responsibility, online security, regulatory compliance, and helping every member of staff to get the most out of their devices daily. The result is a business that knows how to stay ahead of the curve, use technology to full effect and keep company data securely locked within a robust IT infrastructure.

We Can Be Your IT Service Manager

We’re ready to create a bespoke IT strategy that will enable your organisation to maximise efficiency and safeguard itself against any potential threats. To find out more about outsourcing IT support to Wemtech, get in touch on 0330 120 0606 or use our contact form.

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