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VPS - What is Managed VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A popular way of hosting your website which provides dedicated resources on a server with multiple users.

At Wemtech, we offer UK-based managed VPS through our dedicated servers and network. But is managed VPS the right option for your business?

Most businesses start using Shared Hosting. This means you are sharing resources with other businesses on the same server. This often means that costs are much lower (because they’re shared between multiple sites) but can also result in a slower service if you or someone else suddenly sees a spike in activity – such as driving a lot of traffic – because the resource is shared between all the sites on that server.

Dedicated Hosting is where the server resources are solely for your use. Whilst this often comes with a higher cost, performance is also better as you are not impacted by other sites sharing resources. This means sites can accommodate higher traffic numbers or run faster with more content for example – which ultimately delivers a better experience for customers.

VPS sits between the two. VPS behaves like a dedicated server, but with allocated system resources. This means VPS offers more stability and scalability compared to Shared Hosting but is smaller scale and cheaper than a dedicated server.

How does VPS work?

Virtualisation technology enables a virtual layer to be placed on top of the operating system. This effectively means the server is segmented into individual, virtualised systems. Each virtualised system is partitioned from others on the same server which allows each to behave independently and allows users to install bespoke software and operating systems.

This means each unit can operate as an individual entity using software or hardware called a hypervisor. The hypervisor segments the resources of the server to create Virtual Machines, which allows each to function independently.

This means that resources are shared throughout all the accounts on the server space. So, you are guaranteed the resources you are paying for. Unlike Shared Hosting, your resources won’t be impacted by other (even bigger) websites which are sharing the server space, meaning you will have consistently strong performance.


Clearly, the primary benefit of VPS hosting is having the performance of a dedicated server but at a more cost-effective price point. However, there are additional benefits in moving to a UK VPS above Shared Hosting.


VPS allows full customisation based on your needs, meaning you can use bespoke variations of server applications. Not only that, but VPS offers the option of a hosting environment plus the ability to restart your system without impacting others on the same server.

Dedicated Resource

With VPS, users have better privacy, with files and other sensitive information being kept separate from other users on the same server. Each instance has a predefined amount of resource which is available whenever you need it, perfect if you are a retailer heading into a key period or a B2B business who sees a sudden spike in demand for your product or service.


As users buy or agree on a set amount of resource, this is easily scalable if needed. Therefore, VPS can be a great option for businesses looking to scale quickly.

Whilst a VPS is typically a great option for many businesses looking to scale, there are some considerations to be aware of. Costs are higher compared to Shared Hosting and set-up and maintenance can be more complex, but that’s where managed VPS can help.

Do I need Managed VPS?

Unmanaged VPS is more suited to site owners with a technical background. In this instance, site owners are responsible for various management tasks from installing software through to configuring and server maintenance.

However, many businesses often opt for managed VPS support. This may be more suited to those with a less technical background or a smaller internal resource pool to call upon. IT experts or managed IT providers – such as those at Wemtech – ensure that your servers continue to function correctly through regular support and maintenance, leaving site owners to focus on their day-to-day business.

Managed VPS may include a range of support. At Wemtech we offer all our clients:

  • Initial set-up, including software and applications
  • Security updates will be installed and maintained to protect sites from cyber attacks
  • Back-ups will be completed at regular intervals, allowing easy rollback to previous iterations
  • Monitoring will be available as required – at Wemtech this is 24/7 – to prevent downtime

Do I need VPS?

We believe you should consider managed VPS hosting if:

  • You are looking for increased IT security or privacy and better performance
  • Your business is growing online - beyond typical shared server capabilities - with more visitors, products, or transactions
  • You have plans to grow. Perhaps you are launching a new product or service or expanding into new markets which are likely to drive more traffic
  • You need more control over your server
How can we help?

At Wemtech we pride ourselves on our high levels of professional IT support. We work with ambitious clients up and down the country providing a no-hassle, stress-free approach to UK VPS solutions. Our unrivalled expertise delivers guaranteed performance – even at peak times.

If you would like to speak to us about your requirements, if you are looking to upgrade servers, or simply looking to improve your site's performance, then please get in touch.

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